Wednesday, 31 January 2018


"Dear Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt.

A friend called in today to play snooker. we were going to go to tennis and then bowls but the weather is pretty awful - rain and high winds.
Anyway, while playing snooker he asked me why, when he's been going to the doctors about a bit of a sexual performance (or lack of it) problem they don't want to examine his 'equipment'.
I didn't want to know of course and said that if I was a doctor I wouldn't want to see his willy either.
He persevered though and said that he'd seen two doctors who both suggested blood tests for possible prostate problems and one offered a prescription for Viagra. Neither volunteered to physically check him out. He was disappointed. I had no answer for this apart from my flippant earlier one.
What's this all about? Should I have been more sympathetic?"

- An unwilling confidante.

Dear Unwilling Confidante

Yes, you've touched (or not touched) on a tricky situation here. On the whole it would be better if you, or your friend, or preferably both were women. Women talk about this sort of thing much more than men do and they are more expert at it. They certainly aren't as squeamish as guys are. I'm intrigued - was this conversation stimulated (sorry about that) by playing snooker with those sticks and balls? Mmmm? Perhaps we need a Psychological Curmudgeon in our group to discuss this. I'd leave it to the doctors if I were you and it seems that wittingly or unwittingly you've done the right thing by dodging the conversation. On a personal level I wouldn't want to look at his old willy either.

- The Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt.



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