Sunday, 17 December 2017


"Dear Agony Aunt
I am in a bit of a dilemma - a moral dilemma.
I am a member of a local association that supports the community.
It has just come to my attention that a fellow member has something in his past that concerns me.
He was a member of an infamous sect commune that preyed on children. He was convicted of attempted rape and unlawful sexual connection of a 14 year old (when he was in his 40s and spent several years in prison.
My dilemma is this:

  • I know that this man was prosecuted and convicted under the laws of the land and served his sentence.
  • I have an abhorrence of predatory behaviour however and am in the 'leopards don't change their spots' brigade.
  • As a result I find it impossible to forget and forgive. I am not one of those 'turn the other cheek' people.
I feel that I should resign my position as I have no wish to serve on this committee with that man. I will not be able to give support to any of his proposals or efforts.
Please advise.
 - Mr Moralhighground"

Dear Mr Moralhighground,

I can see where you are going with this but feel that I cannot objectively comment and advise as I am too close to this in that I have the same feelings as you.

Perhaps one of our many readers can assist and provide a useful comment.


  1. I'm focused on the reply!
    The person can not use scientific proof because a reply would be subjective!
    Sounds like typical atheistic double talk.
    Any way Aunt Daisy says "Let she without sin cast the first stone".

  2. Yeah, well, thanks for nothing Robert.

    Maybe Richard has a helpful observation.


  3. Unfortunately I believe that paedophiles are born that way. This is not good at all but I don't believe that people choose that path in life. From a Christian perspective this doesn't portray god in a good light. It just makes another tragic situation, like the suffering old people go through or the 'souls' who die at childbirth. We're all in this 'boat' together and we need to be careful who we judge. 'Before you criticise and abuse, walk a mile in my shoes.'

  4. Mmmm, Thanks but I don't think I can buy that old 'if not you then me' stuff.
    I'll stick to my 'unchristian' gut instinct.



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