Thursday, 4 January 2018


"Dear Curmudgeon's Agony Aunt,
As I get older I find that I hanker more and more for the things of my youth.
I write blog posts about things that happened at school in the 1960s and reminisce about people, music, films, books, comics etc from over 40 years ago.
Recently I've taken to eating my Weetbix with hot water, milk and sugar, all stirred into a mush and to make sandwiches out of vegemite and raspberry jam. Today I made an old favourite - a sandwich made of luncheon sausage and tomato sauce.
Should I be worried?
- Peter Pan"

Dear Peter Pan,

Have you done your homework?
I suggest that you tidy your room before complaining to me and what are those strange stains on your bedsheets?


  1. Go easy on him Agony Aunt, he's had relatives staying.

  2. Dear Aunt Agony
    I get angry when commentators use naturalistic explanations for creation and often switch channels when they if evolution
    occurs then why have spiders, that predate dinosaurs, not changed?
    Should I be worried?

  3. Dear Robert,
    By all means you should be worried. The Brown Recluse Spider doesn't give a toss for your half-baked creationist ideas and will bite your arse at the first opportunity.

    I trust that this helps.



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